Dave (darkhand) wrote,

Selling my Motorcycle!


  • Alstede Farms!

    Laine and I took a trip to Alstede Farms today. Picked some Peaches, Tomatoes, and a pumpkin! When I was younger my parents never took me to pick…

  • For Metal Gear Solid Fans

    (11:17:35 PM) Paco i was playing MGS4 last night (11:17:39 PM) Paco i got sooo pissed (11:17:44 PM) Paco i wanted to fucking play the game (11:17:49…

  • Job Interview Woes - Beware of American Income Life Insurance

    Today I went on a Job interview that I got a call on. They asked me if I had management or leadership experience because it was for a call center…

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