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Why Sony is probably going to lose the console wars

Alternate Title: I was sold a $650 lie

I hate to say it because I was really hoping for Sony to pull through but Microsoft is just knocking them down every chance they get. Whether it's through money, or buying up IP, or Partnerships Sony is just totally off the ball.

Here's my list

#1: Exclusives, what exclusives? Sony has lost GTA, Final Fantasy, and now Metal Gear Solid? What's next? Great they have things like Drake's Fortune and Killzone and Socom but those aren't household brand names. They are Niche titles that go into Niche markets.

Plus the problem is even though the ps3 is more powerful all these games that are being developed cross platform will probably never show it because MS tells them to make sure they look the same if they want to sell on the 360. And who wouldn't want to sell on the 360 considering it has the largest userbase next to the Wii!?!?

#2: IP: They bought up a company that was making interactive games using a camera (IE No waggle wii mote) and now they are using that technology.

#2a:They also are integrating facebook and twitter into their dashboard system (Like windows for the 360) WTF SONY??! You have a webbrowser and people can install linux on the ps3. How the hell are you letting Microsoft beat you at adding these things in?!

#3:Netflix Hello? Now with Netflix you can watch movies, TV shows, whatever with your friends over the internet! So if you want to watch the next big sports game do it over your 360 and it's like all your buddies are in the living room with you.

Earth to Sony, this is what HOME was supposed to be. The thing you promised would be out when the ps3 was released like everything else and still isn't fucking finished???

FFS Sony you have a CD and a Movie label! MS doesn't have any of that WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?
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