Dave (darkhand) wrote,

Traveling home last night...or Assholes of the World Unite!

I was riding home tonight and I saw what I thought was a cop car behind me. So I changed into the right lane to make sure the cop would know I knew he was there and not ghost me trying to give me a ticket.

When the car pulls up to me it's two people about 20 years old, one male one female. The guy give me the thumbs up I thought he wanted me to rev my engine a bit, so I did and as I did he was lowering the window and it scared the crap out of the girl.

He then said "What's up man???" I was like "Not much, how are you doing?" he was like "Good Good. So listen I wanted to know if you were interested in dating this girl sitting next to me". I laughed heartily. She turns to me and says "Please ignore him he's an asshole."

Then he adds "So how about it man, $50 for her" now I'm cracking up and she slaps him a few times. I turn back to them and say "I dunno man $50 seems kind of high, how about $25". Her jaw dropped to the floor and she was totally speechless. Then he says "Alright". Then I laugh and say "Have a good night" and pull away.

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