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Darkfall Online Diary - Day #1

What is different than DFO compared to WOW/WAR/etc.

#1. It plays like an FPS
#2. There are no levels, this is a skill based system. If you want to use a sword? Buy one and start swinging it. Want to cast spells? Buy reagents and start casting.
#3. FFA PVP: You can kill anyone anytime, the only safe locations are locations that the player community police themselves.
#4. Actual Housing: You can own an actual home, not like in AOC where it was a big village. If many people build their homes together this makes a village.

On to my diary:
Day #1

So I took the Plunge tonight and decided to play some DFO.

Finding a quest wasn't easy because the people do not have !'s above their head, all of the indicators are on the minimap. I don't know if this is a setting or not, however I found the town elder and took my quest from him. He told me to go out of the town and kill some goblins and gave me another quest to get their axes. Again no real specific directions just a general area to head towards, but when you get to the area it is indicated on your mini map.

So I get to the area and start slicing up some goblins, I get my four goblin kills before I got my four goblin axes. Some more people start to show up to the area and start killing goblins so the NPC population starts to go thin. I find another goblin and start killing it and then someone else starts killing it too. Right after the goblin dies he loots and takes the axe I needed! Well this I did not like, so I go to town with him on my sword and once he starts getting to the point of death he flees! Well since my stamina was worn down from fighting the first goblin I couldn't sprint after him too far but that was fine with me. Now I had the field practically to myself as the other two people left and I finished off the goblin quest Yay!

Some things I noticed:

How long you stay rogue (I'm assuming killable by NPC Guards) is dependent on how long you stay in combat with another person. I hit someone by accident and I went from rogue to being not rogue in like 10 seconds. I don't know if it matters if the other person is reciprocating or if killing someone makes your status last longer I'm not sure.

The Backpack system is not easy, it's like having an actual backpack things don't automatically sort, there are no limits on slots, just how much you can carry and I'm sure it effects your stamina.

The Bad:
The Animation and Sound are not good, it's early 2000's
The Game is not Newbie Friendly
No Speech Bubbles
I can't run the game with the Max Settings :\

The Good:
The Lighting, Shadow, Weather system is AMAZING. I've never seen a better sunset or sunrise or anything. The trees respond to the wind and shadows fall on buildings and people perfectly.
The Skill System is very open: The more you run the faster your movement speed will be, The more you swing a sword the higher your skill goes, When you put on armour and start getting hit your armour proficiency goes up, etc. But still specific too: Swords do not Translate into Great Swords etc.
The PVP System so far I think is excellent, the damage is you do is equal to the penalty you receive

To Summarize:
Accepting the fact that I haven't experienced the game and the parts we hate would always come at the Max Level the game is delivering on it's promises thus far. If you can get past the graphics the game is fun and provides me with the features I want. The FPS Combat is good and realistic, you must be looking at within range to hit your target. Even the NPCs try to circle strafe you to get away and with no auto-target if you can't play an FPS you can't play this game.

I haven't played around with the Parry System yet and I just started my Gathering Professions. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me here.
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