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The end of my Marriage

Let me start out by saying I will not be defaming Ellen or letting out any personal secrets. Because I feel that if you really knew me and you really cared you would have been involved in my life already to know. To know when I was upset and when I was hurting and to come to me to help me.

Anyone who thinks I am wrong for wanting to go out once a week can take me off their friends list and never speak to me again. Nobody here has experience with dating and being married too someone who has as many disabilities as Ellen does. So unless you have walked in my shoes you can't judge me, but since you already did just exclude yourself from my life. Ellen has told me who you are and I'm giving everyone the ability of removing themselves. If you do not I will do this for you.

I hope that everyone who told Ellen it was not alright for me to go out once a week, and it was not alright to have a female friend will be there to support her when she needs it and do all the things she needs done now that I am not there for her anymore. She always talked about what a wonderful group of friends she had that always looked out for her. Well in some ways I disagree with that statement, however I hope in the long run that it is true.

I don't have anything else to say about this and again I refuse to go into detail to try justify my actions because I don't have to defend myself to anyone because nobody has walked in my shoes.