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The end of my Marriage

Let me start out by saying I will not be defaming Ellen or letting out any personal secrets. Because I feel that if you really knew me and you really cared you would have been involved in my life already to know. To know when I was upset and when I was hurting and to come to me to help me.

Anyone who thinks I am wrong for wanting to go out once a week can take me off their friends list and never speak to me again. Nobody here has experience with dating and being married too someone who has as many disabilities as Ellen does. So unless you have walked in my shoes you can't judge me, but since you already did just exclude yourself from my life. Ellen has told me who you are and I'm giving everyone the ability of removing themselves. If you do not I will do this for you.

I hope that everyone who told Ellen it was not alright for me to go out once a week, and it was not alright to have a female friend will be there to support her when she needs it and do all the things she needs done now that I am not there for her anymore. She always talked about what a wonderful group of friends she had that always looked out for her. Well in some ways I disagree with that statement, however I hope in the long run that it is true.

I don't have anything else to say about this and again I refuse to go into detail to try justify my actions because I don't have to defend myself to anyone because nobody has walked in my shoes.

Looking for Provigil Testimonies

I have Provigil Pills that I could take that might help me feel more awake. But truth be told I am afraid to take them. I don't like the idea of taking ANY medication that alters my brain in anyway. Especially when I ask my Doctor "how does this work?" and their answer is "we do not know".

Has anyone taken Provigil? Or know of someone that has?

I'd appreciate any information, thanks everyone.

To those of you who have offered me help finding a job

I wanted to thank you for your offer but I can't accept it easily.

Everyone should know that I am still having problems sleeping and problems with "digestion" since I have had my gall bladder removed. I cannot take anyone up on their offer in good conscience unless they know these things because I don't want to risk ruining anyone's reputation at their place of employment.

Having said that if anyone would still like to help me I will be happy to provide you with my resume`. If not I understand and I won't be upset.

Hey Dave! What's the Haps??

Slowly but surely my sleeping schedule crept later and later, or I suppose earlier and earlier is more appropriate. Here I am at 6:00 AM and not feeling tired. I've tried to lay down a few times with little to no success.

As soon as I get tired I'm going to try to go to sleep and only sleep for a few hours so hopefully tonight I'll be able to fall asleep earlier. I wish I was one of those people that can just lay down and take a nap or go to sleep whenever they want, but my mind just never seems to work that way.

I liked being a morning person for the month or so that it lasted, but it never seems to stick. I don't know if it's lifestyle or what but it is irritating.

Jobs jobs JOBS. I'm really frustrated by my lack of an ability to find and secure a job. I feel like I'm just tossing my resume into a wishing well, except it takes me 15 minutes per throw because I custom write all of my cover letters.

Pretty much all of the jobs I see are posted by tech recruiting agencies. I tried calling one of them today and they told me "If we have a client that is interested we will contact you" which is basically "Don't call us we'll call you". I even asked if they had my resume` on file or if I should e-mail it again, he just said "E-mail it again".

Even if I do find a job how do I know health issues won't interfere with me working again? Now one Doctor Says I have Sleep Apnea, but the other says I have Narcolepsy. So I can't even really get disability help, I need a third opinion really but that costs money! :\

*sigh* I wish things would just be simple again.

Weight Loss and Wii Fit

So now that it's been a month since my surgery I decided to get back on my Wii Fit again. I stopped largely due to the pains I was having which were caused by my Gall Bladder anyway.

It turns out that since I'm now on a high carb low fat diet I've actually lost 8.6 lbs since the last time I've weighed myself.

I just did some yoga stretches and a 5 minute jog, nothing intense. Gonna work myself up back to actually doing some of the strength training stuff.

The Doctor Called Today

Well I spoke to the doctor today and he told me that the problems I was having with the extreme pain again was because I still had stuff in my duct that needs to be cleared out.

His words were "You had so much gravel and stones in your gall bladder there is residual left over in your common duct" Funny he still remembers my gall bladder from two weeks ago :) This is why I have lots of pain and then it goes away because the gravel is passing.

I asked him about the colitis and he said that I most certainly do not have colitis and that my gall bladder was so horrible it was causing any and all problems I was having in my system.

He told me that if I did have pain again and I was concerned to come in and he would run some lab work and give me some more Vicodin but he really does not believe it's anything else because he had lab work done on me while I was in the hospital and everything was fine.

Sleeping Disorder Update - Good News

Dave, you're writing this at 1:00 AM how can you have good news about your system?

Well I'm up at 1:00 AM because I was having a lot of problems sleeping and now I'm adjusting my sleep schedule 3 hours at a time. Tomorrow I should be up around 3 or 4 and the next day I'll be up around 6 which will be fine :)

But what's the good news? Well I slept for 8 hours and I could not sleep anymore, i was going to try to sleep until at least 3 or 4 but I'm up now and I'm just not tired. That's good because it means I am able to get rest without my CPAP device. Previously even when I woke up I was tired.

Lost another pound? :o

This is starting to make me wonder how out of shape I am. The Wiifit says the most amount of weight you should lose in a week is 2 lbs. I've already lost 1 lb a day just from working out. If I keep this up I'll be another 3 lbs lighter by the end of the week? Seems kind of extreme.

I won't complain just curious.

WiiFit or Errrgh! Ahhhh! Panda Head!!

Just wanted to give everyone some info on the WiiFit.

I'm liking it alot so far. I plan to do all the Yoga and Strength Training exercises once a day. I'll have to see how well I can hold up with this because currently my exercise routine takes about 1/2 hour but I've only unlocked about half the Yoga and Strength exercises. If I have all of them unlocked it might turn into an hour long workout which I'm not sure I can sustain.

Also Ellen Pointed out to me that there is an Aerobics Section I have not yet taken advantage of. I'll have to investigate that tonight.

The Errrgh! Ahhhh! Panda Head! Is basically what you hear when Ellen is playing the Soccer Game because that's what she yells.