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Ellen and I need to finish up projects around the house ASAP!

Ellen and I are refinancing and we need to finish up all of our projects around the house or it will mean bad news for our appraisal. So do not be surprised when you get phone calls from me. This week.

I'll be looking for anyone available anytime to help me do these projects. Since I am unemployed I am available all days all times.

I know I'm not usually pushy when I ask for help but I will be this time.

Here are a list of projects I know that need to be finished.


Recessed Lighting in Ceiling
Tiles in front of Dishwasher

Ellen's Bathroom:
Holes in Ceiling from installing heater
Fix or Tear Wallpaper

Need to fix shelving unit and clean
Ceiling leaked from winter due to ice and snow buildup on patio
Holes in ceiling from installing heater need to be covered up

Powder Room (First Floor Bathroom):
Ceiling Needs to be fixed from leak upstairs

My Bathroom:
Need to fix shower tile