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Job Interview Woes - Beware of American Income Life Insurance

Today I went on a Job interview that I got a call on. They asked me if I had management or leadership experience because it was for a call center supervisor position.

Great! Finally the transition to management.

I tried to make a Monday Appointment but I missed it due to traffic and construction. When I make it she says "You can't have the appointment today they already started the group session". To myself I think "Group Session?" and then I ask her "This is for a Supervisor position correct?" she replies "Yes." I prod further and say "Customer Service Supervisor Position?" she says "Yes".

So I am very happy, but still confused with the whole "Group Orientation" why are we orientating people before they are hired? But whatever.

So I go back today, I wake up again at 8:30 drive over, get there 1/2 hour early. I have my "One on One" with this guy for about 5 minutes and then he sends me into another room and gives me one of those "Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree" sheets with 100 questions. I finish it up and wait.

Then some big shot comes out and preaches to us for 1/2 an hour about "My Grandma says if you sleep with dogs you wake up with fleas" and lots of other quotes he got from books. Talks about how we have to want to be successful to BE successful and all this other common sense but put on a pedestal stuff trying to look prophetic. He says they have Management Positions and Executive Positions open in the company so I'm thinking "Okay good still the right track".

Then after that someone else comes out and says "I am a Executive Director blah blah blah" later "We pay our people $400 a day when they are in the hospital as part of our coverage, I WISH I made that much" so now I'm thinking to myself "Okay you are an executive director of whatever and you don't make $400 a day? That's like $2k a week or $80k a year, wtf?" but whatever I stick it out.

I wait and wait and wait and then they start talking about the jobs

"Agent Account SUPERVISOR"
"Account MANAGER"
"EXECUTIVE Director of Accounts"

Notice the fucking trend?

They never use the word "Commission" they use the word "Compensation" they are just playing word games to get people to come in. Is there a "SUPERVISOR" position open? YEAH "Agent Account SUPERVISOR" which is Supervising ACCOUNTS.

So did they lie when I Asked if they had a "Supervisor" position open? Nope! Oh no there is a Supervisor position open, what we LABEL a Supervisor position!

Oh well in that case I want to be Supervisor of the fucking pile of dirt in my backyard, at McDonald's I am Executive in charge of Cheese Burgers, at Walmart? Oh Walmart is the best job ever I am Vice Chair to the Executive Committee of making sure the fucking frost is scraped off the FUCKING FREEZERS.
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