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Weight Loss and Wii Fit

So now that it's been a month since my surgery I decided to get back on my Wii Fit again. I stopped largely due to the pains I was having which were caused by my Gall Bladder anyway.

It turns out that since I'm now on a high carb low fat diet I've actually lost 8.6 lbs since the last time I've weighed myself.

I just did some yoga stretches and a 5 minute jog, nothing intense. Gonna work myself up back to actually doing some of the strength training stuff.

Lost another pound? :o

This is starting to make me wonder how out of shape I am. The Wiifit says the most amount of weight you should lose in a week is 2 lbs. I've already lost 1 lb a day just from working out. If I keep this up I'll be another 3 lbs lighter by the end of the week? Seems kind of extreme.

I won't complain just curious.

WiiFit or Errrgh! Ahhhh! Panda Head!!

Just wanted to give everyone some info on the WiiFit.

I'm liking it alot so far. I plan to do all the Yoga and Strength Training exercises once a day. I'll have to see how well I can hold up with this because currently my exercise routine takes about 1/2 hour but I've only unlocked about half the Yoga and Strength exercises. If I have all of them unlocked it might turn into an hour long workout which I'm not sure I can sustain.

Also Ellen Pointed out to me that there is an Aerobics Section I have not yet taken advantage of. I'll have to investigate that tonight.

The Errrgh! Ahhhh! Panda Head! Is basically what you hear when Ellen is playing the Soccer Game because that's what she yells.